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Wireless MousePad Charger by SIA

MousePad Type

Phones often end up right next to your computer. Why not maximise and let it charge while there? 🤔 📱 🔌 💻 

Turn your mouse pad into an instant charger and let your phone never be out of juice!

This wireless charger mouse pad features a slick design while providing a comfortable feel when in use. This wireless charging mouse pad is compatible with Samsung and iPhone and other smartphones that support wireless charging QI.

Make the most out of your day at the office and toss out your old flimsy mouse pad. Upgrade it to this multi-functional wireless charging mouse pad!

The smart chip regulates the charging of your phone and makes sure that all of the equipment is user-friendly. You won't have to worry about any harmful radiation emitting from the pad. Phone cases won't interfere with the charging and thanks to the quick-charging, your battery will be full in no time.

Spill proof! If your drink accidentally spills on the pad, no worries - it is waterproof as well.