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Three WISE Monkeys Canvas by SIA

Size (cm)

A modern twist on the timeless proverb to hear no evil 🙉 see no evil 🙈speak no evil 🙊Have a constant visual reminder - and one that looks super cool! 🎨 

Can we still be still be sound and pure of mind, speech and action while glued to our digital technology? 😍 

Frame Not Included

For centuries, the three wise monkeys have given life to the idea that we should see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. 

  • Continuation of philosophy and metarphor of the three Monkeys on evil. The first question is to understand what is evil. Then it becomes clear what the meaning of not hearing, seeing or speaking evil. 
  • Hearing or seeing no evil means that one should not judge something as evil, every opinion must be listened and responded to without prejudice, if one sees something one should inquire more to develop an accurate understanding, rather than labeling it evil out of fear or ignorance.
  • Speaking no evil means our words should be considerate of the person who we are saying them to, things should be said to communicate not to hurt, our words should not lack empathy. Where possible we should be silent when not have anything to say.