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Swaddle Sleep Sack | Miracle Baby

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Enjoy a little extra sleep with your newborn! 😴 🍼 Swaddling a newborn can calm, relax and settle the baby - so they sleep longer & wake less frequently 👶 💤 Our Swaddle Sleep Sack is soft, secure & requires minimal effort - zip-up & wrap with “wings” that allow your baby to sleep in its natural position 😍 

There are two main types of swaddle; fitted wraps or traditional swaddles. Fitted wraps make swaddling a newborn easier and are more likely to remain secure as the baby wriggles and moves. Traditional wraps such as large squares of muslin, stretchy cotton or merino fabric are versatile but do take a little time to master and are trickier to get the fit just right (especially in a darkened room in the middle of the night).

Consider whether your baby likes to sleep with its arms up or arms down. Every baby is different and it's usually a case of trial and error before you find their preference. In any case, the Swaddle Sleep Sack provides 'wing' like design to enable your baby to sleep in its natural position, while staying warm and comfy!

Material: 100% cotton