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Portable Baby Bed by SIA


Enjoy your time outdoors this summer & keep your baby safe, comfortable & protected! 👶 ☀️  

Introducing the Portable Baby Bed by SIA. Multi-functional, compact and lightweight - equipped with everything you need from sunshade, safety belt and mosquito net 🦟 😍  Your baby will love the outdoors as much as you do! 🍃 🍁 

Do you love spending time outdoors but are worried about the comfort & safety of your child? The Portable Baby Bed by SIA is what you need! Take it with you ANYWHERE, so you can guarantee that your child will be 100% SAFE and at ease no matter where you are! Use at home in their cot/crib or take it on the go ! 

The bed is ADJUSTABLE to fit babies from NEW BORN to 18 MONTHS.

It's LIGHTWEIGHT so you can travel with it ANYWHERE you go meaning your little one can still get a wonderful little sleep or enjoy the outdoors with you without being prone to insect bites.