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ONECAR Heads Up Display - Universal Edition


Forget taking your eyes off the road (and risking your safety) just to know how fast you're going! The ONECAR Heads Up Display brings convenience and style right to your windshield. 🚙

Super easy to install and compatible with all cars produced after 2008 and most after 2004, you'll wonder why you haven't got one yet!

Super Easy to Install


  • 🚙【What is HUD?】 Short for Head Up Display. It displays driving data on the front windshield such as speed, RPM, water temperature, voltage single mileage etc. HUD avoids the danger of drivers looking down at the dashboard. It ensures the safety of drivers because of watching the data on the car front window glass, and helps drivers to keep the best state on the way. 
  • 🚙【Simple Display】Vehicle Speed + Engine RPM, HD Display, practical function, let you drive more comfortable for a long time. (plug and play -- Available for 95% car with an OBD2/ GPS interface)
  • 🚙【Multiple functions】Ambient decorative lighting Engine RPM Fault code alarm Fatigue driving alarm .The Alarm icon Light sensor: HUD can automatically adjust the brightness "according to the environment .Speed unit: KM/H, MPH .Multi-function zone: speed,water temperature,battery voltage,driving distance Water temperature icon ,voltage icon.
  • 🚙【Compatible with 90% of cares】Fully compatible with cars produced after 2008 and most cars produced after 2004.
  • 🚙【QUALITY SERVICE】CE FCC RoHS Certification, Superior quality. The chip brings powerful performance and compatibility