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IONS Humidifier and Oil Diffuser


Introducing the IONS Humidifier and Oil Diffuser. It uses polymer mist technology to freshen air, relax and help you sleep. 🏠⚡

It's perfect for and automatically adapts to large rooms, living rooms, bedrooms or even cars. Simply fill with a scented fragrance (or just water) and let its magic take work!


  • Switch the fog amount by one button, 5h Continuous, 10h intermittent.
  • 360° Free Rotation: Innovative inclinable upward and downward rotation 360° fogging.
  • Comes with an inbuilt light to help set the mood!

Selling Fast - Not Available in Stores 🔥

Natural forms paired with pure aromatherapy embody our sophisticated Negative Ion Essential Oil Humidifier/ Diffuser.
Our sleek design is crafted to transform the atmosphere in your space with a click of a button. With a 360° rotating free-angle spray you can set to your liking.
With its powerful mist, our diffuser emits a relaxing fragrance while also providing health humidification, helping you and your family to relax... and just breathe.
Built-in LED lights allow you to change the mood letting you forget the tiredness and get comfortable, with seven different colors to select from.
Our Million-grade negative ions release energy while eliminating all bacteria and reduce dust to have oxygenated fresh air to breathe.
 Two modes to select from with the front button, allowing you to have a continuous mist threw out the day or have it on a timer. Lasts 10 hours with a 200mL tank on continuous mode mist.